ALFACE+ - Yellow Essential Mask 4 pcs

Brand from Japan: ALFACE+. Vitamin-themed items are now on sale from ALFACE. For healthy moisturized skin with the yellow sheet with the highest adhesion in the history of ALFACE. Contains vitamin C derivatives, vitamin B, and beauty essence ingredients such as honey extract and propolis extract that lead to moisturized skin. Madecassoside, a topical ingredient, keeps your skin healthy. A new yellow sheet that boasts the highest adhesion in ALFACE history, using FINE FIBER, which is 1/100 the size of hair. The extremely soft sheet gently wraps the skin and keeps the beauty essence ingredients without creating a gap with the skin. How to use: After washing your face, spread the mask and make it fit your skin. Please use it for about 5 to 15 minutes according to your skin condition. Use for 15 minutes, especially if you feel your skin is dry. After removing the mask, spread the essence left on your skin over your entire face.

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